by Marcus D

  • Compact Disc (CD)

    Marcus D's 2nd album, Shoshin.

    "Shoshin is the Zen concept; ridding yourself of the preconceptions that block, thwart and end your creativity, is the goal.

    Shoshin proves that hip hop is not bound by lyricists and their stories. It is not only relevant when MC’s are throwing their punch lines. It is, in fact, a progression of the art form that truly comes from casting off what is thought to be. Escaping the bonds of status quo.

    Shoshin is an album that is cross cultural, cross genre, and even skillfully crosses generations. While you paint, sculpt, cook, write, study or make love; open your mind and enjoy yourself.

    'In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities,
    in the expert’s mind there are few.'"

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released October 10, 2010



Marcus D Seattle, Washington

Marcus D is from Seattle and currently resides in Tokyo where he hangs out at arcades and runs his record label, Absolutzero.

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