1. Times Remembered

  2. Times Remembered ft. Seb Zillner

  3. Times Past

  4. Ballad for Us

  5. A Penny for Your Thoughts

  6. The Cool vol. 2: The Art of Boom Bap Jazz
    Various Artists

  7. Melancholy Hopeful

  8. The Lone Wolf LP

  9. Retro'd 2

  10. 龍神の夢 (Ryujin no Yume)

  11. Melancholy Hopeful (Instrumental Version)

  12. The Lone Wolf LP (Instrumental Version)

  13. Melancholy Prequel (Rising Sun Redux)

  14. Terraluna

  15. Pink Lemonade

  16. The Best of... Marcus D

  17. Sonata Dreams
    naymingway & newgame+

  18. Simply Complex

  19. The Golden Gun EP (Deluxe)
    La & Marcus D

  20. Blinding Light ft. Cise Starr, Funky DL & Substantial

  21. Epoch
    Marcus D & nitsua

  22. Black ft. Fearce Vill

  23. Lounge in Blue

  24. Watercolor Skies ft. Gerson Zaragoza

  25. Fallin in Love ft. Pismo

  26. Flight Club

  27. Portrait of a Muse
    Lions Ambition x Marcus D

  28. Exxon Mobil - Marcus D & Shing02

  29. Melancholy Prequel

  30. Retro'd

  31. Shoshin

  32. Revival of the Fittest (US)

  33. Secret Bosses: Unreleased Retro'd Beats

  34. Revival of the Fittest (JPN)

  35. Midnight Notes ft. Looth

  36. Live Better ft. Saigon & Choklate

  37. Don't Hold Ya Breath ft. Funky DL

  38. Greater Purpose ft. Cise Star

  39. Back to the Roots ft. Del the Funky Homosapien [EP]

  40. Parallel Universe ft. Shing02
    Marcus D (Artwork by Kento Tanaka)

  41. The Blues ft. Mega Ran

  42. One People ft. Shing02

  43. Night on the Town ft. Cise Star, Substantial & Funky DL

  44. Continuous Dream ft. Pismo

  45. Parallel Universe (instrumental)

  46. She Loves Me Not (2008)

  47. Universal Language pt. 2

  48. Luv Sic Pt. 3 (Marcus D Remix)

  49. Why the World Weeps/Universe Works [SINGLE]
    Bop Alloy

  50. Still Think Different/Save the Day [SINGLE]
    Bop Alloy

  51. Life of a Fool

  52. Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D) U Were There (Remix) Ft. JsouL
    Bop Alloy

  53. I'm Here Ft. Gods'Illa & Kokayi
    Bop Alloy

  54. Fresh Preserves ft. Substantial


Marcus D Tokyo, Japan

Marcus D is from Seattle and currently resides in Tokyo where he runs his record label, Absolutzero.

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