1. Omega Music Library vol. 1 (Mixes)
    Omega Music Library

  2. Nightscene

  3. Times Remembered

  4. Melancholy Hopeful

  5. The Lone Wolf LP

  6. Retro'd 2

  7. 龍神の夢 (Ryujin no Yume)

  8. Melancholy Hopeful (Instrumental Version)

  9. The Lone Wolf LP (Instrumental Version)

  10. Retro'd

  11. Terraluna

  12. The Cool vol. 2: The Art of Boom Bap Jazz
    Various Artists

  13. Melancholy Prequel (Rising Sun Redux)

  14. The Best of... Marcus D

  15. Platform

  16. Times Remembered ft. Seb Zillner

  17. Times Past

  18. Ballad for Us

  19. A Penny for Your Thoughts

  20. Pink Lemonade

  21. Sonata Dreams
    naymingway & newgame+

  22. Simply Complex

  23. The Golden Gun EP (Deluxe)
    La & Marcus D

  24. Blinding Light ft. Cise Starr, Funky DL & Substantial

  25. Epoch
    Marcus D & nitsua

  26. Black ft. Fearce Vill

  27. Lounge in Blue

  28. Watercolor Skies ft. Gerson Zaragoza

  29. Fallin in Love ft. Pismo

  30. Flight Club

  31. Portrait of a Muse
    Lions Ambition x Marcus D

  32. Exxon Mobil - Marcus D & Shing02

  33. Melancholy Prequel

  34. Shoshin

  35. Revival of the Fittest (US)

  36. Secret Bosses: Unreleased Retro'd Beats

  37. Revival of the Fittest (JPN)

  38. Midnight Notes ft. Looth

  39. Live Better ft. Saigon & Choklate

  40. Don't Hold Ya Breath ft. Funky DL

  41. Greater Purpose ft. Cise Star

  42. Back to the Roots ft. Del the Funky Homosapien [EP]

  43. Parallel Universe ft. Shing02
    Marcus D (Artwork by Kento Tanaka)

  44. The Blues ft. Mega Ran

  45. One People ft. Shing02

  46. Night on the Town ft. Cise Star, Substantial & Funky DL

  47. Continuous Dream ft. Pismo

  48. Parallel Universe (instrumental)

  49. She Loves Me Not (2008)

  50. Universal Language pt. 2

  51. Luv Sic Pt. 3 (Marcus D Remix)

  52. Why the World Weeps/Universe Works [SINGLE]
    Bop Alloy

  53. Still Think Different/Save the Day [SINGLE]
    Bop Alloy

  54. Life of a Fool

  55. Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D) U Were There (Remix) Ft. JsouL
    Bop Alloy

  56. I'm Here Ft. Gods'Illa & Kokayi
    Bop Alloy

  57. Fresh Preserves ft. Substantial


Marcus D Tokyo, Japan

Marcus D is from Seattle and currently resides in Tokyo where he runs his record label, Absolutzero.

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