Sector V

by Marcus D

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Blake Ellison
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Blake Ellison An MD experiment that turned out well! Love the matching aesthetic. Merch please! Favorite track: Cyberphonic.
AfroSlice thumbnail
AfroSlice Short and sweet EP. Only wish it was longer.

Definitely hearing Mega Man vibes on Sector V.

The melody on Combini sounds like it could be used for a town theme or an end game credits song. Favorite track: Conbini.
eagletris thumbnail
eagletris First track certainly has an 80s early 90s theme to it with a bit of ending music to an old retro game from roughly same period. Have not listened to the other tracks yet but so far it’s great for me. Big up yourself Marcus.
Fernando Roman (Motifvation)
Fernando Roman (Motifvation) thumbnail
Fernando Roman (Motifvation) I learned from the genres this album is based on that sometimes, synths(synthetics), can be more human than humans; similarly, this album - one of the most humanized albums I’ve listened to, was made entirely with a D-50 synthesizer. The songs sound like they’re from the perspective of someone living in this future, trying to get by in an advanced civilization tainted by classism and humanity. A future that, at the rate of technological advancement we’re experiencing, is imminent and inevitable Favorite track: The Prodigal Returns.


released March 6, 2020

Produced by Marcus D
Mixed by Bean One
Mastered by D-Sane
Cover art & Album design by Lisa Kogawa
Artwork concept by Brent Marino, Eddy Alupay & Marcus D
Licensed & distributed by Absolutzero 2020


all rights reserved