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Night on the Town ft. Cise Star, Substantial & Funky DL

by Marcus D



The first ever collaboration between Cise Star, Substantial & Funky DL. Marcus D's smooth signature production is the canvas for this work of art, and town-mate Mario Sweet compliments the sensual verses with a chorus that fits the mood, while the godfather of Seattle hip hop, Vitamin D lays the scratches that tie everything together. A stand out single from what is destined to be a stand out album...the young producer's sophomore release, Melancholy Hopeful. - Ill Vibes Mag


(Mario Sweet)
The sun has changed to night
The rain has gone away
Right before our eyes
Moonlight with my babe
Listenin to our fate
We gon be ok
Stars spellin our name

(Cise Starr)
You remind me of my heartbeat
The way my life force spikes high when you call me
Get me goin alive
I rise while you fall asleep
Voice is a whisper from God so please find me
Must be angelic even makin Jesus jealous
Mind of your own the devotion of a zealot
Quinn Medicine Woman you healin my afflictions
Makin me diabetic your sweetness my addiction
Strong like runnin water
Cuttin grooves in the surface
Small talk becoming conversation to the first kiss
Over and over in mind you reside
Puttin Lady Brown on while I’m pullin down the blinds
Unprotected sax, hi-hats hittin the snare drums
Put it to the wax, climax until we and one
On and on like Erykah in the song
Sound the fire alarms when I got her in my arms


Yo, when a night on the town
Becomes another Day in the Life of profound
Unions, the future is right about now
Like how that sound
Glad we chose to transform fickle mights into vows
Sealed with a sweet kiss
Chills as we Eclipse
Eyes, sun become one with my moon
Carrying solar systems in thy womb
Just who you are causes shooting stars
That's why outer space has nothing on her inner thighs
Find inspiration whenever I gaze in her eyes
So my creativity is never minimized
Eyes closed caressin your figure like I’ve memorized
Your every curve and scar
While I guard any senseless hurt from your heart
We’re apart never
Even when we are
But we are better
Together my darling



Hear my voice understand the love
She’s my type of hype

(Funky DL)
I can’t take it, while she in my room naked
Got parts of my body aching, she beautiful no mistaking
I’m ready for love making, torpedo and earthquake’n
Till we fall asleep, hitting rewind when we awake
How can a night on the town be so bright and astounding?
That’s so ironic like a flight on the ground
And I’m so into her and I’m slow into her
Up until we just crash like I drove into her
Never had a night like this, she moaning with the tight fist
Under dim lights while caressing with a light kiss
I’m even thinking bout’ calling her while I write this
Cos all I remember is that figure in a tight dress
And I might just stay in my room
While we drinking Amaretto having déjà vu
And I can’t say she less than a Queen with a crown
With a King who’s renown for his nights on the town


released May 31, 2012
Produced by Marcus D
Vocals by Mario Sweet
Scratches by Vitamin D
Mixed by Vitamin D


all rights reserved



Marcus D Tokyo, Japan

Marcus D is from Seattle and currently resides in Tokyo where he runs his record label, Absolutzero.

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